How to Use Ice Cubes to Make The Perfect Hamburger

How to Use Ice Cubes to Make The Perfect Hamburger | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This might just be the best burger hack I’ve ever seen. Who would have ever thought that adding ice cubes to your burger would be such a game-changer? This hack makes the juiciest burgers you could ever imagine eating. Adding that extra water slowly with the ice allows the burger to have extra time to absorb the ice. Guga Foods really nailed it with this awesome hack. You can even put other things into the ice to make the burger have more flavor in its juices. 


All you will need for this hack is ice, a grill and hamburger supplies. It is literally that simple. 

Here’s how it works.

Step One

Freeze your favorite liquid or broth flavor to go into your burgers in an ice cube mold the day before making burgers You can add as big or as small of an ice cube as you would like, but Guga Foods just used a standard-size ice try to make his ice cubes.

Step Two

Cut your ground beef and flatten it out and create large patties. 

Cut Ground Beef For Ice Cube Burgers - Food Hack

Image by. Guga Foods via YouTube video.

Step Three

Place your patties on the grill and fire it up! Once your patties are on the grill, stick your ice cubes down into the patty.

Step Four

Flip the patties and cook them the rest off the way. Try and keep the ice cubes from falling out the best you can.

Flip Ice Cube Burgers - Burger Hack

Image by. Guga Foods via YouTube video.


That’s it. Enjoy your juicy ice burgers.

Ice Cube Juicy Burgers

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