How To Sew Hidden Socks

How To Sew Hidden Socks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you want socks that won’t show at the top of your sneakers? Me too. Why not just make them on your own. This DIY by beautarie with show you exactly how.

Materials Needed For This Sewing Project:

  • Patterened Fabric
  • Dark Fabric Liner
  • Sewing Machine


Step One

Measure the length of your foot and the circumference of your foot.


Step Two

Measure and then cut your fabric to the appropriate size to cut out your sock shape. Draw a small curve on one seam to create the top of the secret sock. Draw a small curve on the back of the sock as well to make the heel of the sock.

Easy No Show Sock DIY - Easy No Show Socks

Image by. beautarie via YouTube video.

Step Three

Open the material up to attach the fabric and lining of the sock. Pin it and then sew with a zig-zag stitch. Sew only the inner seam before turning it right side out and pinning again. Topstitch the inner part of the sock.

Step Four

Topstitch each of the pieces of fabric while inside out creating a lining and an outer sock.

Sew DIY No Show Socks - DIY Fashion

Image by. beautarie via YouTube video.


Step Five

Flip the socks liner out, pin and then stitch up the small hole you left to turn them right side out.

Step Six

Flip the socks pattern side out and put them on your feet.

Sew Hidden Socks

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