How To Paint Flowers Using A Steel Wool

How To Paint Flowers Using A Steel Wool | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re looking for new home decor that’s inexpensive and can be done fairly quickly, this one for you! This tutorial by Designer Gemma77 is amazing. It’s completely customizable from the color to the size and will create a beautiful and unique masterpiece for your home. You could even create multiples and make a collage of flowers on the wall. Lately, I’ve been learning how to paint all kinds of flowers, but this has to be one of the easiest ones I’ve learned. It takes very little materials and can be done fairly quickly. I made my flowers yellow and white to match my homes aesthetic, but Designer Gemma77 made hers pink, blue and purple, so it’s completely up to your creative freedom when it comes to color.


Materials Needed For This Project:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Steel Wool
  • Paint Brush, or Paint Knife
  • Spoon


Step One

Cover your canvas in a solid coat of paint. In the YouTube video down below, Designer Gemma77 uses white paint.

Step Two

While the base coat of paint is still wet, you will begin painting your flowers with your steel wool. Put your paint colors side by side to help you create an ombre effect. Dip your steel wool into your paint and in a slow rotating downward motion create the flower petals.

Easy Steel Wool Painting - Flowers Painting

Image by. Designer Gemma77 via YouTube video.

Step Four

Finally, use a spoon to create the stems of your flowers by dipping the spoon into the paint and drawing it down from the bottom of the flower to the bottom of your canvas. You can also use the spoon to create small leaves branching off the stems and smooth out the bottom of the flowers out as well.

Flower Stems Painted With A Spoon - Easy Painting

Image by. Designer Gemma77 via YouTube video.


Steel Wool Flower Painting

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