How To Paint Flowers On A Rock

How To Paint Flowers On A Rock | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Clay Drawing Via Youtube


Over Memorial Day weekend our family went to the Pedernales River and collected a bunch of river rocks. When we got home, I realized we had 3 buckets full of beautiful river rocks and I quickly started searching the internet for some cool river rock project ideas. I found this easy rock painting tutorial by Clay Drawing on Youtube, and I knew this would be a great project for the whole family. Rock painting has always been close to my heart because I usually do hand-painted mandala rocks, which are super easy and just require a pencil and a few q-tips to paint, and they are so much fun. When I saw this beautiful flower idea, I immediately thought of my grandma’s flower garden and the hours of fun my sister and I would have, picking and drying flowers with grandma. The really crazy thing was that the flower image in the tutorial looked just like grandma’s daffodils and those have remained a favorite flower of mine, to this day.



  • A smooth river rock
  • Acrylic paints (in blue, yellow, green, white, and orange)
  • A paintbrush


In this wonderful rock painting tutorial by Clay Drawing on Youtube, you will be guided step by step in how to make these lovely rock paintings. You will start by applying a background color. 

Hand painted daffodils on a smooth river rock

Then, you will learn to paint these beautiful flowers in this simple tutorial.

Paint river rocks with acrylic craft paints

These gorgeous river rock paintings turned out better than I could have ever imagined. The family loved the project, and we were able to make many rock paintings for gifts.

How To Paint Flowers On A Rock

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