How To Paint Dandelions With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

How To Paint Dandelions With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Jay Lee Painting Via Youtube


Toilet rolls are on everyone’s mind, could it be possible that people are using more these days? Maybe it’s just my imagination, but clearly there seems to be an obsession with the little paper rolls. Whatever the case, there are so many useful projects we can make with the interior cardboard part of the toilet roll and now more than ever before, making the most of every bit of toilet rolls has become very important to many. When I saw this awesome project on Youtube I really knew I had to make it because it was so simple and I already had all the materials in my craft room. Dandelions are one of my favorite flowers anyway and the way of paint stamping that you will learn about in the video makes perfectly symmetrical dandelions in just a couple of passes. I used white paint on a red background and it looked perfect in my kitchen. At the last minute, I decided the dandelion poster needed a frame so I got some paint stirring sticks free from Home Depot and just glued them to the poster board with my trusty hot glue gun. The completed project looked adorable.



  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Scissors
  • Poster Paint
  • Cotton Wo0l (or cotton balls or squares)
  • Poster Board
  • Q Tips
  • Aluminum Foil (for paint pallet, a plastic plate would also work)


First, cut fringe at one end of your toilet roll then make a little pool of paint, either on a plastic plate or on a piece of foil and start dipping and stamp painting the beautiful dandelions.

Cheap Crafts - Easy Craft Ideas DIY - Make a dandelion painting with toilet paper rolls

Then use the same stamping technique to make the dandelion dust.

DIY Painting Ideas - Dandelion painting on poster board with toilet paper rolls - Cheap Kids Crafts

This is such a fun, easy project, I highly recommend it.

How To Paint Dandelions With Toilet Rolls

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