How to Paint Ceilings Fast

How to Paint Ceilings Fast | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Ceiling paint, just like wall paint, can drastically change the look of your room. Using a contrasting color can add interest to your space. Depending on the color, it can make your room look bigger or smaller. If you haven’t painted it for a long time, giving it a fresh coat can help brighten your room. The only problem that most people don’t like is the amount of time it takes to paint the ceiling.


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Painting a ceiling is harder than painting walls. But do not worry, Paint Life TV is here to help. They will teach you how to paint ceilings fast and give you painting tips and tricks that you will surely find useful. For a detailed explanation of each tip, watch the video below.

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The Easiest Way to Paint a Ceiling

1 – Use an 18-inch roller

Using an 18-inch roller and a 5-gallon pan will make your work fast.

How to Paint a Ceiling in Quick and Easy Steps
Image by Paint Life TV via YouTube

2 – Get the edges done

The first thing you need to do is get the edges done. There is a specific type of roller that you can use to paint the edges instead of brushing. Unlike the normal roller, this one has the edges all covered.

The Easiest Way to Paint Ceilings
Image by Paint Life TV via YouTube

3 – Use the proper product

For ceilings, use flat paint. It hides imperfections, doesn’t show light or glare, and doesn’t show roller marks.

4 – Roll your ceilings, lay them out, and roll them in the proper direction

Think about where the light is coming from and where a person or a guest to be predominately standing and seeing the ceiling.

Work in small squares. Roll all of them in the same direction, and then pick your nap up, and go the same direction. You want that stippling to all be going the same way, so you don’t cast different looking shadows.

5 – Paint the vents and lights

Lights, vents, and any type of fixtures that are mounted into the ceilings, they turn yellow over time and may look old. Matching and blending them with the ceiling will make them look a lot better. Typically they are metal and high gloss. Use an extreme bonding primer, then take a handheld sprayer. Go around and spray them with the flat wall paint.


How to Paint Ceilings  Fast

HOW TO paint ceilings FAST

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