How to Paint a Room Fast Like a Pro

How to Paint a Room Fast Like a Pro | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Painting a room can be overwhelming especially if you don’t haven’t done it before. It actually involves a lot of steps and you can’t just paint immediately without preparing the room. You need to cover the floor, remove things such as outlets, covers, and furniture, fill any holes, scrape and sand the wall, and remove any dust. This preparation is very important to make sure that you’ll get the best results.


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If you don’t do these steps prior to painting, the paint can crack, peel, bubble up, and won’t last for a long time. Dust can get trapped resulting in an uneven texture and poor results.

If you are planning to paint your room and don’t know how to start, check out this tutorial by SgtDonovan. He will teach you how to paint a room fast like a pro and give you helpful tips that can make the process easier and faster.

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What You Need to Paint a Room

  • 18″ roller frame
  • extension pole
  • 18″ roller cover
  • XL paint brush
  • small paint brush
  • paint cup
  • round sander
  • sand paper
  • duster
  • painter’s tape
  • putty
  • hole filler
  • scraping tool
  • drop cloth or contractors paper

How to Paint a Room

Step 1:

Start by clearing the walls. Remove all nails even if you are going to reuse them. Do the same for outlet and switch cover plates, and all plastic covers.

Step 2:

Fill any holes you aren’t going to use with hole filler. Let it dry.

Step 3:

Use a scraper to scrape off any of the larger imperfections you might see like a paint drip.

Step 4:

Cover the floor with a drop cloth.

Step 5:

Sand the walls, then dust them.

Step 6:

Fill the paint cup with about an inch of paint. Load the paint into the brush by tapping it against the bottom of the paint container. When you use the brush you want the paint to come from the middle of the brush not the edges. Wipe the extra paint from all four sides.

Step 7:

Leave 1/8″ gap on the first coat when cutting the ceiling. While you are in the ladder, bring any corners you encounter about halfway down. When you are done with the ladder, bring the quarters  back to the baseboard. Cut in around outlets, doors, and windows as you go. When cutting in along the baseboard, cut with your painting arm closest to the wall.

If you are painting the baseboard, bring the paint onto the trim slightly and use your trim paint to make the finished line.

Use painters tape if you have hard to get areas and use an old brush.

What You Need to Paint a Room
Image by SgtDonovan via YouTube

Step 8:

Remove any fuzz from the roller. On the first coat, roll two full roller widths per paint load and approximately three widths for paint load on the second coat. After loading the roller, start the next row a few inches from where you last stopped, roll back one roller width to fill it in and then forward two widths. Keep even pressure for the entire time.

Move your drop cloth by folding once and keeping the same side up throughout the painting job.

Clean the brush as needed throughout the painting job.

How to Paint a Room
Image by SgtDonovan via YouTube

Step 9:

Use the small roller to avoid leaving brush marks when the larger roller wont fit.

Store roller in saran wrap between coats.

Step 10:

When the paint is dry, repeat the same process with the second coat but bring the paint all the way to the edge.

How to Paint a Room Fast Like a Pro

How to Paint A Room Fast Like A Pro

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