How to Make Pumpkin Socks

How to Make Pumpkin Socks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: A Well Purposed Woman


Don’t throw your old socks yet, you can make them into these cute little pumpkins and use as decoration around your home. If you sew, you can also use it as a pincushion. Learn how to make pumpkin socks with this tutorial by A Well Purposed Woman on Youtube. It’s an easy DIY project you can do with your friends and family. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • long old or new socks (your preferred color)
  • embroidery or dental floss
  • embroidery or doll needle
  • polyfill
  • rice
  • pumpkin stem or a small twig
  • felt for leaves
  • rusty springs or paper-covered wire
  • hot glue
  • pair of scissors


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Step 1:

Take your sock and cut a section about 7″ to 8″. Get the tube part and turn it inside out. Insert the embroidery floss on the needle and make a knot on the end. Hand-sew the top portion of the sock. Once you are on the other end, pull the sock tight and go through the center a couple more times with the needle and thread. After that, tie up the thread and cut the excess.

Step 2:

Put a little bit of rice into the bottom of the sock. Next, add the polyfill to make it look plump. Press it inside until it becomes like a ball. Take your thread and needle again. Go in and out around the top edge of the sock. Once you’ve gone all the way around, pull it tight and go to the center a couple of times to make it tight. Cut the thread and the excess fabric sock on top.

How to Make Pumpkins Socks DIY
Image by: A Well Purposed Woman


Step 3:

Take a long embroidery thread and insert it into the needle. Insert the needle at the bottom of the pumpkin and go right up through the top then make 6 sections with the thread. Pull it tight and wrap it around the pumpkin, and go through the top again. Repeat until you have 6 sections then make a knot to secure.

Step 4:

Bend the springs into half and cut leaves on the felt paper. Glue the leaf and the pumpkin stem on top of the pumpkin and hold for 30 seconds. Then lastly glue the rusty springs.

How to Make Pumpkins Socks Tutorial
Image by: A Well Purposed Woman



How to Make Pumpkin Socks

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