How To Make Lanterns From Dollar Tree Solar Lights

How To Make Lanterns From Dollar Tree Solar Lights | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Chick On The Chep Via Youtube


Summer is the best time of year to redecorate your patio. I found this wonderful tutorial by Chick On The Cheap on Youtube, which has so many ways you can turn cheap solar lights from Dollar Tree into lovely lanterns. These lanterns can be used indoor or outdoor and really look amazing on a table or standing alone to provide a soft ambient light to add to your decor. There are fifteen project ideas in this amazing tutorial and they are all sensational and cheap.



  • Solar lights (from Dollar Tree or Home Depot)
  • Jars (or vases, mason jars work well but any will do)
  • A tall dustpan (from Dollar Tree, for making a free-standing outdoor lantern that sticks in the ground)


One of the ideas in this excellent video tutorial by Chick On The Cheap is the project where she adds the solar lights to frosted vases from Dollar Tree. This was one of my very favorites because the color of the vases lights up the outdoor table beautifully. The entire project takes the Youtuber less than five minutes to complete and requires no tools.

How to make outdoor table lights using solar lights and vases from Dollar Tree

The other solar light project that really caught my attention was the project where Chick On The Cheap uses the handle of a tall dustpan she purchased from Dollar Tree to make free-standing lights that she placed throughout her garden.

How to make free-standing outdoor pole lights with a dust pan handle and solar light from Dollar Tree

These DIY solar light project ideas are truly amazing! I plan on making some of these as soon as possible.

How To Make Lanterns From Dollar Tree Solar Lights

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