How To Make A $1 Bottle Of Wine In 5 Minutes

How To Make A $1 Bottle Of Wine In 5 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Turns out, homemade wine is much easier to make than I previously thought. When I found this wonderful winemaking project idea by UberDan on Youtube, I was amazed at how easy and cheap this recipe was. I had always wanted to be able to have an endless supply of wine, and this homemade wine idea is going to help make that dream come true because I don’t see myself being able to build a wine cellar for a few years. All you need to get started on this awesome winemaking idea is a clean 5-gallon bucket, some grape juice, some sugar, and some yeast. It would be nice to have a 5-gallon bucket with a spigot if you can locate one, but any bucket will work.



  • 4 gallons of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice (you can use any other grape juice just make sure it doesn’t contain added flavors)
  • 5 pounds of sugar (11 cups)
  • 1+ teaspoon bread yeast
  • 5-gallon bucket (food grade is important to some people)
  • Large stirring spoon


In this wonderful video tutorial, you will be guided step by step on how to make this homemade wine. You will first add 4 gallons of Welch’s 100% grape juice and 5 pounds (11 cups) of sugar to a 5-gallon bucket. 

Wine made at home in a 5-gallon bucket

Then, you will a heaping teaspoon of yeast to the mixture. The Youtuber pours the yeast free handed, so it looks like a little bit more than a teaspoon.  

Welch's grape juice wine in a 5 gallon bucket at home tutorial

This recipe is so super simple and cheap, I can’t wait to try it because it sure would be great to have an endless supply of cheap wine around the house.

How To Make A $1 Bottle Of Wine In 5 Minutes

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