How To Make Four Square Quilt

How To Make Four Square Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was searching on Youtube for an easy quilt to make and I found this great four square quilt idea from The Midnight Quilt Show channel. The tutorial for this quilt was so easy that literally be made in an evening. I love quilting all year round, but making what will become family heirlooms in the Springtime is very important to me because spring is traditionally the time of new beginnings and I love seeing that reflected in my art projects. So I decided to get a later cake pack in a beautiful Spring-themed array of brightly colored florals and try my hand at making this wonderful four square design. This is just one of The Midnight Quilt Show’s beautiful projects that have an easy to understand patterns and methods, this Youtube channel is full of great ideas.



  • A sewing machine
  • Fabric
  • A ruler
  • A rotary cutter


In this excellent video tutorial, you will learn to cut these simple squares from your layer cake fabrics put these squares together in an attractive alternating pattern. This method is so easy you will literally sail through this project at an alarming rate.

Make a four square quilt

There is only one other pattern here that you will need to make and that is a very simple quarter square that really adds wonderful detail to this extraordinary quilt.

Make a quick easy 4 square quilt

I am so glad I found this simple four square quilt pattern, I cannot wait to make it.

How To Make Four Square Quilt

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