How To Make Crochet Moccasin Slippers

How To Make Crochet Moccasin Slippers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Unique Stitch Designs


While browsing YouTube this morning I found the most amazing crochet slipper project by Unique Stitch Designs. I immediately fell in love with this crochet slipper design, it looks like a moccasin and also looks super comfortable. Making hand made slippers for a loved one has to be the ultimate way to say you care, but in a world of DIY overload, it’s really hard to find a great DIY that is really basic, cute, and functional all at the same time. However, this crocheted slipper tutorial is all those things because they are made from a simple piece of crochet and you fit it to the foot as you make it. This loafer design is so stylish, they are cuter than Deerfoam slippers in my humble opinion, but maybe that’s just me? The only thing you have to potentially worry about when you crochet any footwear is the possibility of slipping, but if you have your trusty glue gun on hand you can put tiny dots of glue on the bottom and have professional no-slip grips on any socks or slippers, so make sure and don’t give them away to anyone without that necessary safety precaution. So I could not wait to give this cool project a trial run and I already had the materials on hand in the craft room, so there was no stopping this project.



  • Yarn
  • A crochet hook
  • Scissors


In this tutorial, you will be guided step by step to make these gorgeous moccasin slippers to fit your foot exactly.

Make a n easy crochet moccasin

Then you will seam the moccasin slippers up on the side and you are done.

Make a quick and easy crochet slipper

These slippers are so cute, I love them so much!

How To Make Crochet Moccasin Slippers

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