How To Make A Pincushion Thread Basket

How To Make A Pincushion Thread Basket | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The only thing I love more than sewing is how to get organized to get ready for more sewing. Getting my sewing room organized makes every project go more smoothly, but it also is a lot of fun because organizational projects are the most fun of all. This DIY Pincushion Thread Basket is everything I love in a project and I’m foreseeing that these are going to make some great gifts! You are going to need 3 fabrics, one for the outer fabric, one for the lining fabric, and one for the accent fabric and the pincushion. To get started I first cut the fabrics in the following dimensions.


Learn to make a pincushion thread basket

Then I pressed all my pieces flat and uniform then made my hinge and the pincushion part of the project. Remember to leave a small gap at the top right-hand corner of the pincushion to inert the funnel to fill the pincushion.

Learn to make a pincushion tread basket

Then you sew the body of the bag right sides together as instructed. Then you are going to cut a 1 and 3/4″ across by 2″ tall rectangle out of each corner. This will form a gusset in your thread bag.

How to make a pincushion thread basket

Then you follow the assembly by sewing those box corners shut and tucking your lining in the bag. You then make a seam around the top and in the little gap you left open you put a one quarter inch strip of boning. I used the bendy top of a coffee bag, whatever you have will be fine there is no real wrong way to do this. You then attach the pincushion and hinge you first made and set aside. Now you insert a small funnel inside the pincushion and fill it with crushed walnuts or small beads form the craft store, make the closure and you are done.

This is a fabulous DIY sewing project to give as gifts during the Holiday season, although your friends and family will love this all year round.



Grab the SVG Pattern File Here:…

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