How To Make A Long-Legged Gnome

How To Make A Long-Legged Gnome | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Spending time at home can get boring but there are many things you can do to alleviate boredom by making some lovely creative projects. I went searching on Youtube for some cute sock projects and I found this really unusual long-legged gnome idea that looked really easy because I have made a lot of gnomes over the years, but this gnome tutorial by Tenderfoot Village on Youtube, the gnome had very long legs that were made with long sticks covered in socks. So it was really lucky I found a couple of old pieces of doweling in the garage that were gong to bee perfect for this gnome project. So if you and your family get bored and things can easily go haywire at a moment’s notice, so in an effort to keep everyone on track, start keeping boxes of projects that you can pull out and put in the middle of the table and seat them quietly all round to focus their attention on their own creative spirit. Try keeping a few boxes of sock projects on hand to make some sock gnome projects because they are so easy and also cute. This long-legged gnome is such a cute, fun project, everyone from old to young love it. I started this project by covering a floral cone with felt and followed Tenderfoot Village’s instructions step by step. Or you can get the pattern on Tenderfoot Village Etsy.



  • Felt
  • plushy fabric
  • a styrofoam cone
  • 2 pieces of doweling (for legs)
  • Socks
  • A piece of fur (for the gnome’s beard)


In the video, you will learn how to cover your cone with felt and start the body of your gnome.

Make a gnome with long legs and a cone

Then step by step you will learn how to put this cute gnome together.

Make a long legged gnome out of felt with a beard

This project is a load of fun for you and the family.

How To Make A Long-Legged Gnome

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