How To Make A DIY Floor Mop Using Old Clothes

How To Make A DIY Floor Mop Using Old Clothes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: DIY Trefa via YouTube


Before throwing out your old clothes, consider repurposing them into a DIY floor mop instead of replacing and buying them from the store again and again. Here, you’ll learn how you can easily sew them with only a few easy steps through this tutorial by DIY Trefa on YouTube.



  • Dust mop handle
  • Bias tape
  • A thick fabric
  • Old shirts
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Chalk or marking pen


Step 1

Grab a thick fabric and golf it in half, making sure that the size of the fabric is large enough to fit the dust mop. Place it underneath the mop and trace its shape onto the folded fabric, then proceed to cut it out. Sew a bias tape around the edges of the thick fabric with about a quarter-inch seam allowance. Fold the tape over to the other side, then fold it in and tuck nicely. Sew it around in place as well. Grab an old shirt and lay it horizontally, place the fabric piece on top of the shirt on the lower area of the body, cut across the fabric using its side as the guide to how thick it should be not including the bottom hem of the shirt because you need to cut it out.

Easy DIY Floor Mop Using Old Clothes
Image Credit: DIY Trefa via YouTube

Step 2

Mark and divide the width of the cut shirt into 4cm or 1.6 inches thick strips. Gather the strips then sew them one by one on the long side of the fabric. Sew them beside each other as close as possible until you’ve reached the other end of the fabric. Flip it over and sew an elastic on each side of the fabric piece. Lastly, cut the bottom of the strips into smaller pieces before attaching it to the bottom of the dust mop by inserting it through the elastics on each side.

DIY Fabric Floor Mop Sewing Tutorial
Image Credit: DIY Trefa via YouTube


*All these amazing images are thanks to DIY Trefa via YouTube. Do visit her channel to see more xx like this!

How To Make A DIY Floor Mop Using Old Clothes

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