How To Make A Christmas Wreath Using Plastic Cups

How To Make A Christmas Wreath Using Plastic Cups | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Pop's Art via YouTube


This Christmas wreath by Pop’s Art is made with plastic cups, foam sheets, and staples. It’s a recycled Christmas craft that is inexpensive to make if you’re on a budget for the holidays. I love how simple and easy everything is to make, and it doesn’t require much effort. Most of this project includes stapling and no hard effort or work. There’s no expensive tools involved either. You can also paint the plastic cups green to make a “wreath-like” color, and it would be easy to make large and small ones. I think it would be a nice gift to make, and customizable too if you want to add sayings and letters on the cup. Plus this would be a nice decor to make when you’re bored.



  • plastic cups
  • yarn or string
  • thin foam sheet
  • scissors
  • stapler


First, take the plastic cups and staple them together until you get a complete circle shape like a wreath.

Recycled Christmas Crafts - Christmas Decor - Plastic Cups Wreath - Christmas Tree Ornaments
Image by Pop’s Art via YouTube


Next, once finished, take the thin foam sheet and make a bow. Staple on the string or yarn at the top of the wreath to hang it up. Continue to watch Pop’s Art tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Repurpose and Upcycled Project - Plastic Cup Project - Easy Christmas Crafts
Image by Pop’s Art via YouTube

Overall, I love how easy and quick this project is and I would be impressed if I saw this outside of the door. It’s an interesting way to make a Christmas wreath, and all items can be purchased at Dollar Tree. It’s crazy how there are so many ways to make a Christmas wreath with items that you may already have in your closet. This is a no brainer Christmas DIY craft, and all of these items are recyclable. Also, this video has other tutorials on small Christmas crafts.

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