How to Make a Cathedral Window Hot Pad

How to Make a Cathedral Window Hot Pad | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


Get crafty with this awesome sewing tutorial. This Christmas-themed hot pad is so easy to make that even beginners can look like an expert in sewing. You can give this a gift without spending too much because you can buy the materials at a cheap price or you can repurpose what you have available. I loved making a few of these and it didn’t even take me hours to make them. This is a very fun and practical project made by Shabby Fabrics on YouTube.



  • 4 pcs (10 x 10) Fabrics with different designs
  • 2 pcs (10 x 10) White filler fabric
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Fabric glue
  • A pair of scissors


Step 1

Choose 2 fabrics with contrast combinations, cut both of them in half in a 5 x 10 size. Take one fabric and pivot both ends to create a triangular shape. Glue the top corner then press with an iron, repeat the process in the other fabrics.


Step 2

Stack 2 filler fabrics and place a designed 10 x 10 fabric on top, this will be that background of the cathedral window opening. Place the 4 triangular fabrics with their point ends meeting at the center then pin them in place. Sew a quarter-inch stitch all the way around to lock it in place.

Cathedral window hot pad sewing tutorial
Image Credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube

Step 3

Sew a quarter-inch stitch at the center of each point in an up and down manner, pivot, and repeat the process forming a plus sign in the middle. Stitch the ends of all four sides at a 45° angle, roll and crate a flap on all triangles to create the window opening. Pin in place and sew very close to the edge of the flap.

Step 4

Place the backing fabric on top of it and a quarter inch all the way around. Leave a small opening unstitched to allow the fabric to be turned inside out. Cut the corners before flipping then press with an iron. Sew the opening and an additional quarter-inch stitch along the line created by sewing the flaps.

Easy cathedral window hot pad for beginners
Image Credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


*Thanks to Shabby Fabrics on YouTube for these amazing images. Follow them for more content like this one!

How to Make a Cathedral Window Hot Pad

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