How To Make A Cardboard Organizer Box

How To Make A Cardboard Organizer Box | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Alitoysa via YouTube


I am in love with this cardboard box tutorial by Alitoysa. She turned something that is a random waste (cardboard) into something more reusable. This cardboard organizer box would fit perfectly in a closet, or in the bathroom to store toilet paper. I’ve seen these sold in stores, but why purchase one when you can make it yourself at an inexpensive price? Alitoysa’s tutorial demonstrated a high-quality video, which I think is important to see every detail up close. The cardboard organizer box looks high end, and I would’ve never thought it was made out of cardboard. My best friends would love this tutorial because we are in love with the simple, rope style of box. I can’t wait to try to make this cardboard storage box this weekend.



  • cardboard or any box
  • sisal rope 6 mm / ¼’’
  • manila rope can be used instead of sisal rope
  • linen fabric
  • cotton thread
  • hot melt glue gun
  • hot melt glue
  •  pins
  • scissors


First, follow along with Alitoysa’s tutorial on Youtube from start to finish. You’ll need to start off with hot gluing the ropes all around the box.

Second, when you’re finished, you’ll move onto the fabric part and that should finalize the whole project.

Overall, I know my friends and I will have fun making this cardboard organizer box.

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