How To Make A Breathable Face Mask

How To Make A Breathable Face Mask | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY Crafts VN


There are so many different styles of masks out there on YouTube, but DIY Crafts VN has a tutorial on how to make a breathable face mask. As the weather starts to increase with high temperatures, wearing a mask is becoming harder to breathe in. They have always been hard to breathe in, but certain face masks are more breathable. My mom created a face mask for me when the beginning of the Coronavirus started, and it felt suffocating. As she started to learn more methods and had feedback, she’s found a way to create a better face mask like this one. It makes a difference and I know so many people refuse to wear a face mask because they’re uncomfortable. I don’t blame them, but thankfully more people are finding better ways to make face masks more comfortable to wear. There are so many creative designs and this mask does not touch your mouth or nose.



  • fabric
  • elastic bands
  • sharpie
  • ruler
  • fabric pins
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • iron


First, measure out and outline the shape of your fabric to a wide oval shape. Make sure you double up on the fabric so you can sew the two together.

How To Make A Breathable Face Mask | DIY Sewing Crafts
Image by DIY Crafts VN

Next, make pleated folds in the center of the face mask, and add the elastic bands on the sides. Sew all around the face mask to keep everything intact.

How To Make A Breathable Face Mask | DIY Sewing Crafts
Image by DIY Crafts VN

I love this floral print, and it’s perfect for the summer. The colors are bright and vibrant. I’m glad DIY Crafts VN shows how fast and simple making a face mask is. There are so many people out there who have become pros in making face masks now. They’re easier than you might think and way cheaper. Some people have been selling face masks for $15-$25 and they only cost a couple of dollars to make them.

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