How to Keep Your House Smelling Clean With Dogs

How to Keep Your House Smelling Clean With Dogs | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Marissa Antoinett via Youtube


Keeping your house smelling fresh can be quite challenging if you have dogs, and it’s almost next to impossible, especially if they’re not potty-trained. But worry no more; this helpful video from Marissa Antoinett on Youtube will make your house smell clean and fresh 24/7, even with dogs. Follow her tips and be amazed at the results! Watch the video down below.


#1 Use A Mop With A Removable And Washable Head

Even if you’re mopping up a clean floor, if the mop head retains any kind of moisture and you put it away, it’s gonna start smelling like mildew. And when you mop again, you’ll just spread this mildew odor all around the house. So make sure that you’re mop is removable so you can just throw it in the shower. Another important factor is that don’t put fabric softener when washing the mop head because it’ll kind of create a coating on the fibers and it’ll make it less absorbent.

Washing your mop head
Image credits: Marissa Antoinett via Youtube

#2 Make Sure To Always Have Baking Soda

If your house is smelling a little kind of stale, just sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet before you go to bed, then in the morning, just vacuum it all up. This will neutralize any of the stale odor that lingers on your carpet.

#3 Put Dryer Sheets Everywhere

You can put them under your rugs, under your couch cushions, or between your trash cans. This will keep your house smelling fresh.


#4 Use Plain White Vinegar To Clean Your Pet’s Urine

The longer the dog’s pee sits, the worse it’s going to smell. You can use plain white vinegar for removing your pet’s urine from the carpet. First, clean it off with water, making sure you’re sucking all of that urine out of the carpet, then pour a generous amount of vinegar, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse with water. Leave it to dry.

#5 Buy A Carpet Shampooer

It’s really worth buying one especially if you own dogs because it’s the most effective way of cleaning a carpet. It will suck up as much of that pet mess as possible.

#6 Wash Your Pet’s Toys, Blankets, And Beds Frequently

Your pet’s smell could linger on their things so washing them up at least once a month can lessen the odor.

#7 Vacuum Regularly

Even if your pet is not peeing or pooping on the carpet, their hair or fur that carries a scent could linger on your carpet or furniture. So ideally, you should vacuum every day.

#8 Open Your Windows

Open your windows even if it’s just for an hour to get some of that fresh air circulating in your house.

#9 Wipe Your Dog’s Paws Before You Let Them Enter The House

If possible, keep a mini storage near the entrance that has essentials for your dog, so that whenever he/she will enter the house after a walk or playing outside, you can wipe the paws first.

Wiping your dog's paws before you let them inside the house
Image credits: Marissa Antoinett via Youtube

How to Keep Your House Smelling Clean With Dogs

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