How To Keep Warm In Winter Without Turning Up The Heating

How To Keep Warm In Winter Without Turning Up The Heating | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Georgina Bisby via Youtube


If you’re finding ways to stay warm without your heating bills rocketing, then you’re in the right place. These handy tips from Georgina Bisby on Youtube will surely help you a lot. From insulating your windows with bubble wrap to warming your PJs on the radiator, I’m sure you will pick a thing or two from these.


#1 Insulating Windows With Bubble Wrap

Cut the bubble wrap to the size of your windows, then spray some water onto it. With this, it will easily stick to your windows. You can easily remove it as well with no damage to your windows. This could reduce heat loss by up to 50%.

Putting bubble wrap to your windows to keep the house warm during the winter season
Image credits: Georgina Bisby via Youtube

#2 Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan you can actually reverse it, then it will push the warm air back down into your room.

#3 Furniture In Front Of Radiators

Another classic mistake people make is putting furniture and sofas in front of their radiators which stops the warm air from circulating. This reduces the impact of having their radiators on.

#4 Your Body Heat

Try to stop losing too much body heat if you can and be aware that your body temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the day and night and it’s at its lowest at 4 AM. It’s worth having a blanket around this time to stop getting cold at night.


#5 Layering

Carefully layering your clothes is a really good way to keep warm as long as you choose the right materials. A classic mistake to make is having cotton next to your skin. Something like merino wool is a really good base layer, then a fleece or wool for the second layer ideally.

#6 Keeping Your Hands Warm

If your hands get cold, put them directly on the skin of your neck.

#7 Stay Well-Fed And Hydrated

Choose foods that take longer to digest like porridge because thermogenesis increases after you’ve eaten carbs, particularly complex ones, and porridge is just a great all-around health food.

#8 Avoid Alcohol

It’s best to avoid alcohol when it’s cold because although initially, it gives you a warm feeling overall it lowers your body temperature.

#9 End Your Day Feeling Nice And Warm

Put your pajamas on the radiator or if you have a tumble dryer in the dryer for a couple of minutes before you go to bed.

Warming your pajamas on the radiator to keep you warm
Image credits: Georgina Bisby via Youtube

How To Keep Warm In Winter Without Turning Up The Heating

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