How to Grow Snake Plants in Water

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Snake plants are one of the most popular home plants as they are easy to grow and are known for filtering air. People also use them as decor as they are pleasing to the eye and only need little water to survive. Most of the ones you can find in the stores are planted in soil, but did you know you can plant them in water? Yes, you can! Let Green plants on Youtube teach you how to grow snake plants in water through this tutorial. Happy planting!



  • sharp blade
  • cloth or tissue
  • tying wire
  • scissors
  • plant gravel
  • water
  • glass bowl
  • filtered water

Note: you can use any gravel you want, either black or white. You can also combine them.


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Step 1:

Cut and separate the leaves from the plant piece by piece.

Step 2:

Clean each of the leaves by wiping them with a cloth or tissue.

Step 3:

Clean your sharp knife and cut the lower part of the leaf diagonally.

Step 4:

Hold the leaves together using one hand and tie them a few inches from the bottom together using a tying wire. Twist the ends together to secure. Use scissors to cut the excess wire. Make sure the leaves are properly secured but not too tight.

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water Steps
Image by Green plants

Step 5:

Clean gravel with water. You can use a colander to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Then dry them.

Step 6:

Add some gravel to the glass bowl and spread on the bottom. Place the snake plant in an upright position. Hold it while filling more gravel.

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water Instructions
Image by Green plants

Step 7:

Fill the bowl with filtered water. To take care of a snake plant growing in water, just change the water twice a month. If you use fresh water or tap water, change the water once a week.


How to Grow Snake Plants in Water

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