How To Fix Scratched Furniture

How To Fix Scratched Furniture | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Pneumatic Addict via YouTube


The scratches on furniture can come from rough movers or clumsy people in your house, and eventually, your furniture will get scratched. Luckily, Pneumatic Addict on YouTube gives 5 easy tips on how to fix those scratches off the furniture.


Use furniture marker

easy DIY scratched furniture - Repair Wood Stick - Table Top scratch Repair
Image by Pneumatic Addict via YouTube

One of the first things that get damaged on furniture is usually the edge. One way to repair worn edges would be using a furniture marker. Rub it over the faded areas and it will fill in.

Use a soft nut (walnuts or pecan)

For small scratches and wear, use a soft nut like walnut or pecan. Rub the nut firmly over the affected area and it should disappear. This hack works well on real wood furniture. So, if you have laminate furniture, you might need to try a different option.

Use a fill stick

Repair deep scratches and grouches with a wood repair filler stick. It’s like a big soft crayon that you rub into the scratch. It might be easier if you apply the fill stick if you heat the end with a match or lighter first. Once the scratch is filled, scrape off the excess. Buff the area with a clean soft cloth.

Use vinegar and cooking oil

Use Vinegar and Cooking Oil To Fix Scratches - Tips and Hacks To Remove Furniture Scratches
Image by Pneumatic Addict via YouTube

If your furniture has lots of little scratches, mix and shake 3 parts cooking oil and 1 part vinegar in a jar. Use a soft clean rag to rub the oil mixture over the surface of your furniture

Apply a coat of toner

If the surface is in really bad condition, apply a coat of toner. Toner is a translucent coating with a little dye in it. It will help blend scratches, dings, and minor discoloration.

Overall, it can be challenging to repair damaged furniture entirely without refinishing the piece, but these 5 tricks may help eliminate those scratches.

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