How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill

How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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It’s barbecue season which means it’s time to deep clean your gas grill! You surely don’t want to cook on something full of built-up grime, right? Remove all that gunk with these step-by-step instructions by BBQ and Bottles.




  • brush
  • grill floss (optional)
  • stainless steel wool
  • scouring pads
  • dish detergent
  • stainless steel cleaner (optional – make sure its all-natural)
  • oil (optional – should be all-natural)
  • gloves
  • big container to soak the grates


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Step 1:

Using the grill floss, scrape the grime from the grill. You can also use a brush.

Step 2:

Fill the container with hot water and add some dish soap. Mix the water until it foams. Wear gloves, and remove the grates. Let it soak while you clean the rest of the grill.

Step 3:

Remove excess fat that built up on the bars with a scraper. Do not forget the underside of the bars. Once done, place them into the water as well.

How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill Tutorial
Image by BBQ and Bottles via Youtube

Step 4:

Pull out the smoke box and add to the hot water bath as well.

Step 5:

Using a scraper, scrape all the junk from the inside of the grill to the middle part. A tray should be on the bottom that catches all the grease that drips down. Once done, brush the debris that collects along the edges. Next, brush the burner elements in the same direction as the openings. Empty the tray and soak it too.

How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill Trick
Image by BBQ and Bottles via Youtube


Step 6:

Get a scouring pad and a little bit of soap and water. Clean the side of the grill. Once done, rinse with cold water. Do the same with the front, knobs, hood, and doors.

Step 7:

Clean the grease tray that’s beneath the bottom of the grill.

Step 8:

Prepare another container with clean water. Clean all the parts that you soak in the water. The fat should now be easier to remove using a scouring pad. If it’s hard to remove, use steel wool. Once done, rinse on the other container.

Step 9:

Place the parts back on the grill.

Step 10:

Turn all your burner to high and let those go for about 5 minutes to make sure you dry out all the components. That includes the side burner, then close the lid.

Step 11:

Polish the steel with the stainless cleaner.

Step 12:

Turn off the burner. The last thing you need to do is season your grill.


How to Deep Clean Your Gas Grill

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