How to Correctly Load Your Dishwasher

How to Correctly Load Your Dishwasher | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Is your dishwasher not cleaning your dishes well? You might be doing it wrong! So what is the correct way to load your dishwasher? Here are 5 informative tips by Boulevard Home that you will surely find useful.



Scrape, but don’t rinse

You’re probably wondering if you need to clean all the food off your plate. The right way is to scrape them off but not rinse your plates. The reason behind it is that the soap needs some food particles to cling to. Plus, the soap may leave a hazy film on dishes.

Dish placement

Where do you place your dishes in the dishwasher? Start with the bottom rack and put your larger items there. You always want to start in the back. Angle the pots and pans when placing them.

When loading dishes, start from outside in, and you want to place them so they’re facing inwards. This will allow better water flow and the dishwasher to clean those on the bottom rack better.

Put your glasses on the top rack. Make sure not to place them over the tines but next to them on the side that is angled. For wine glasses, there is a specific place for them in the dishwasher.

When placing your bowls in the dishwasher, make sure they do not overlap.

A lot of newer dishwashers have a third rack. This is for longer utensils or silverware and small cups. 

How to Correctly Load Your Dishwasher Pots
Image by Boulevard Home via Youtube

Utensil basket

A lot of new baskets today come with a section that allows easy sorting of your utensils. If you do not have one of the placeholders, alternate your silverware from being face up and face down. Knives should always be faced down.

How to Correctly Load Your Dishwasher Utensils
Image by Boulevard Home via Youtube


Don’t block jets

Be sure the jets are not blocked from turning. Always check if there is something sticking down on the top, middle, and bottom jets.

Don’t overload

If you overload your dishwasher, your dishes are not going to come out clean.

Bonus tips

If you see hazy film building up on your dishes more often, you may be using too much dish detergent, or maybe you should change it.

If your dishwasher soap is not falling into your dishwasher, check if there is something blocking it.



How to Correctly Load Your Dishwasher

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