How To Clean Your Mattress & Remove Odor

How To Clean Your Mattress & Remove Odor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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The mattress that we sleep in absorbs all of the dry, wet, and even dead skin that we naturally shed which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to unwanted smells. But there are steps and easy remedies that you can do by changing your cleaning routine and incorporating important tips. Learn how to maintain the cleanliness and the fresh smell of your bed with these tips and tricks by Clean My Space on YouTube.



  • Launder your sheets regularly
  • Let it breathe
  • Deal with stains immediately
  • Deodorize


Launder your sheets regularly

When you sleep you sweat and this sweat is absorbed by the sheets which over time leads to a buildup of odor. So when you start smelling the sheets, then it’s time to wash them, make sure to launder them on a regular basis which means either every week or every 2 weeks, and your bed will start smelling fresh.


Let it breathe

After removing the sheets from your bed and throwing it in the wash, make sure to give them time to breathe instead of immediately changing with a new set of sheets. Open your windows to let the air in and to let the bed naturally release all of the odor.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Mattress & Remove Odor
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube

Deal with stains immediately

Mattresses and moisture don’t get along, that’s why once it absorbs the moisture, it has nowhere to go which leads to mold buildup. However, fresh stains can be removed easier than old ones, so the next time you spill something on the bed, make sure to blot it with an absorbent cloth until almost dry.


Baking soda is great for absorbing odor that’s why this is also very effective to use for your bed. Simply sift over the baking soda, then let it sit for about 30 minutes, and vacuum all of it. But be careful with what type of vacuum you’ll be using because baking soda can compromise the quality of the motor of your vacuum over time, so make sure to use something that can handle fine powder well.

Easy Bedroom Cleaning Hacks
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube


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How To Clean Your Mattress & Remove Odor

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