How To Clean A Smelly Garbage Disposal

How To Clean A Smelly Garbage Disposal | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Mike Klimek via YouTube


There might have been a time where you walked into the kitchen and something smelled funky, but you probably were unsure where the smell was coming from. If you can’t locate the smell after cleaning and taking out the trash, stick your head into your sink because it might be your garbage disposal. Sometimes the smell will just arise from the sink, and it would be easy to point out. Realistically, all kinds of food get dumped and chopped in there where water can’t reach. So, it decays and gets stuck. Mike Klimek on YouTube demonstrates a 2-step process to get rid of the smell from the garbage disposal.



  • ice
  • baking soda
  • vinegar


First, pull out the rubber retainer from down in the drain of the sink. Fill the drain with ice and it will grind and throw the ice inside. Place the rubber retainer back onto the drain and press the switch. Turn on the faucet with hot water to drain the ice out, and flip the switch while the water is running.

Easy Ways To Clean Garbage Disposal - Use Ice To Clean Sink Smell
Image by Mike Klimek via YouTube

Next, add baking soda down the drain while placing the cap back on top, and pour the vinegar slowly. You’ll hear the foaming effect. Wash it out with water. Continue to watch Mike Klimek tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Fix smelly Garbage disposal - How to Eliminate Sink Odors - Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Hacks
Image by Mike Klimek via YouTube

In conclusion, this is a great way to detox the food particles in your garbage disposal with items that you may have around your house. This video shows how to get rid of the nasty sewage smell. It’s an easy 2-step process, and I never think about cleaning it because I assume when I wash the dishes, it’ll wash out itself. However, there’s always going to be some funky smell with all the foods being ground.

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