How to Caulk: Tips From A Professional

How to Caulk: Tips From A Professional

How to Caulk: Tips From A Professional | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Caulking really can be a lot of fun and there are always areas in your house that really need it. Caulking is an essential task that needs to be kept in check for the maintenance of your home. We recently needed to make some updates in our home and I went searching on Youtube for some tutorials, so I could learn a few basic skills that might help me repair some minor areas that needed attention. I found an excellent video by A vlogger named Chris Palmer who has a Youtube channel called Handcrafted. In Chris Palmer’s video, he offers some of the very best tips to help his viewers caulk like a professional.



  • Caulk
  • A Caulking gun
  • Toilet Paper
  • A moping cloth


First, you will learn how to cut the tip of your caulk at an angle, to squeeze out fine lines very evenly. 

Patch up walls with expert caulking tips

Then, you will learn an interesting technique of stuffing toilet paper in large gaps between the baseboard and the wall, so the caulk stays in place and doesn’t run down the back of the wall.

Learn caulking tips to caulk with toilet paper

These caulking tips are fabulous, I am so glad I found this video because we recently purchased an old farmhouse and it needed a lot of repairs. We were a little financially stretched when we purchased it, so we decided to do most of the work ourselves. These caulking tips are going to come in really handy when we start working on the bathroom because there are a lot of loose tiles.

How To Caulk Like A Pro

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