How To Add A Water Spigot Anywhere In Your Yard

How To Add A Water Spigot Anywhere In Your Yard | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Timothy DC via YouTube


If you have a yard or a garden, then you must know the struggles of not being able to bring your garden hose anywhere with you as it sometimes cannot reach certain parts of your yard. Luckily, this DIY tutorial by Timothy DC on YouTube exists, with his help you can install a water spigot anywhere you want, and doing any outdoor or garden tasks will now be easier. Read down below for the instructions and watch the full video tutorial as well for more detailed steps.



  • ½-inch PVC pipe, the quantity may vary depending on how much you’ll need
  • Elbow pipe
  • Couplings
  • Leader hose
  • National pipe thread
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Pipe valves
  • Pipe cement
  • Plumber’s tape


Step 1

First, insert the leader hose into your main outdoor spigot, then attach an elbow pipe at the other end of the hose before inserting it into the pipe laying at the bottom, and make sure to apply some pipe cement for a stronger hold. Attach couplings and use them to pivot the pipe around your garden, and continue to do so until you reach the area where you want it to be.

Easy Water Spigot Installation Tutorial
Image credit: Timothy DC via YouTube


Step 2

Now, attach an elbow pipe angled upward before attaching a pipe vertically, then wrap some plumber’s tape before attaching the garden hose adapter, and open it to test whether there are leaks anywhere. It is very important that you plan the layout of the pipes especially if you want to install several hose adapters.

How To Install A Water Spigot
Image credit: Timothy DC via YouTube


*Thanks to Timothy DC via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this project idea, then you’ll surely love his other video tutorials too, so give his channel a visit and subscribe!

How To Add A Water Spigot Anywhere In Your Yard

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