These Quilt Blocks Give The Term “Hold Your Horses” A Whole New Meaning!

These Quilt Blocks Give The Term “Hold Your Horses” A Whole New Meaning! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

While looking through some tutorials I ran across this one for these darling horse quilt blocks and knew I had to make a quilt with them.

My granddaughter is an Equestrian and our whole family has gotten involved in her sport, since she’s been riding in horse shows for 7 yrs now. I also rode horses when growing up in Kentucky, but it was never professionally.


I thought I would make her this great quilt since she has such a love for her horses. She lives and breathes horses.

When I finished the quilt, that happens to be called “Hold Your Horses”, and surprised her with it, she absolutely loved it and was over the moon that I had made it for her. It was a rather emotional moment for both of us…possibly one she’ll never forget. I know I won’t.

I think most of us have a love for horses, so whether you ride or not, this quilt will be special to whoever receives it. I actually framed one of the quilt blocks and embellished it with a saddle and other little trimmings.

Watch how this lady with Fons & Porter makes these adorable quilt blocks in her step by step tutorial and get busy making a quilt with these darling horse quilt blocks!

Hold Your Horses quilt kit:… Hold Your Horses digital pattern:…

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