She Macrames A Cool Hanger And Watch What She Puts In It!

She Macrames A Cool Hanger And Watch What She Puts In It! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Last summer I planted my very first herb garden, and let me tell you: not having to run to the supermarket and spend five bucks on a teeny-tiny container of mint or rosemary or thyme every time you need a sprig (or even just a single leaf) is the best. But even if you’re an apartment-dweller with no nearby grass or yard or outdoor space to plant in, no fear: you too can have fresh herbs at your fingertips.


Once again: mason jar to the rescue. This DIY is really quick and easy…and is the most satisfying project ever. If you don’t have mason jars then recycle some food jars!

Not only are these macramed hanging jars good for putting plants in, but they are great to use outside to hold tea lights…a beautiful addition! Hanging mason jar lights are so easy to make and so enchanting. All you need are recycled glass jars, some wires and / or dry cleaner’s wire hangers.

How lovely it would be to have lots of them throughout the gardening for an evening gathering? I love hanging lights! From lanterns to lights strung through trees I think lights make an outdoor space so warm and inviting!

Watch how she does this great DIY project in her step by step tutorial.


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