Hand Quilt Patchwork Tote Bag From Fabric Scraps

Hand Quilt Patchwork Tote Bag From Fabric Scraps | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Nadia Workshop


Show your creative side with this hand quilt patchwork tote bag from fabric scraps tutorial by Nadia Workshop on Youtube. It is a wonderful way of repurposing your old denim jeans and scraps from past sewing projects. Beginners can easily make this lovely bag at home as the steps are very clear to follow.  You can even sell this or give it as a gift to your friends and family. Happy sewing!



  • thread
  • pair of scissors
  • old denim jeans
  • fabric scraps with patterns or designs
  • felt for coating
  • cotton for the inner tote bag


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Step 1:

Using the felt, create 12 circles of the same sizes. Then cut 12 bigger circles of the same sizes using the fabric scraps.

Step 2:

Get one fabric scrap circle and bast the edges. Once done, pull the thread to tighten and cover the felt. Do the same for the remaining 11 pieces. It is better to use different fabric patterns on the circles.

Step 3:

Cut 2 cotton and 1 jean rectangular shapes with the bottom having curved corners. Once done, place them on top of each other with the denim fabric on top. Bast the edges together. Make another piece with the same measurements and process for the backside.

Hand Quilt Patchwork Tote Bag From Fabric Scraps Materials
Image by: Nadia Workshop


Step 4:

Place the 12 circles on the sewn denim having 3 layers. (4 for each layer horizontally) Secure the pieces using pins. Use a ladder stitch to sew them on the jean fabric.

Step 5:

Get a long fabric scrap that is not too wide, then fold it in half and stitch on the middle. Once done, secure it on the sides and bottom edge of the sewn denim fabric using pins. Then sew the edges together. Place the back side with the denim fabric facing down and sew the edges together.

Hand Quilt Patchwork Tote Bag From Fabric Scraps Instructions
Image by: Nadia Workshop


Step 6:

Using a piece of long cloth, bind the edges. Repeat for the other side and the top.

Step 7:

From the denim fabric, make two straps. Once done, stitch the handles to the bag.



Hand Quilt Patchwork Tote Bag From Fabric Scraps

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