Grinch Rice Krispies Treat Recipe

Grinch Rice Krispies Treat Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Rachel Sprinkle Some Fun via YouTube


This Grinch rice Krispies treat recipe by Rachel Sprinkle Some Fun on YouTube is a lovable treat if you’ve seen The Grinch Stole Christmas movie. Any Grinch lover’s heart will “grow three sizes,” and it’s a corny treat to make for your family and friends. Plus, a lot of people will get this reference, and the green and red color on these rice Krispies make them super festive for the holidays.  I love the Grinch movie because it’s a classic story during Christmastime. Rice Krispies are easy to decorate, and this would a great treat to make with the kids because they can add sprinkles on top.



  • 4 cups mini marshmallows
  • green food coloring at least 10 drops
  • red icing
  • Christmas sprinkles
  • 1 package red jumbo hearts (from Wilton) or make your own using red melting candies


First,  melt butter in a saucepan over low heat then add the food coloring and stir. Add the marshmallows next and stir constantly until melted, and completely blended. Then, remove the mixture from the heat.

Easy Christmas Baking - Grinch Baking - How To Make Grinch Rice Krispies Treat
Image by Rachel Sprinkle Some Fun via YouTube


Next, immediately add the cereal, and stir until well coated. Use a buttered spatula or wax paper and press the rice Krispies and firmly into an 8×8 inch pan. Continue to watch Rachel Sprinkle Some Fun tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Christmas Party Goods - Green Rice Krispies Treat - Holiday Baking - Dessert Recipe
Image by Rachel Sprinkle Some Fun via YouTube

Overall, rice Krispies treats are so easy to make, and they’re so inexpensive. It’s a popular treat to have no matter what occasion because they’re so simple to eat. I love the Grinch version themed for Christmas because it’s super festive. These might steal my heart and would be adorable to make and bring to a holiday gathering. I think they’re so fun to make because you have to quickly mix everything together, and it’s a fast process.

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