Glass Snowman Candle Holder Winter Holiday DIY

Glass Snowman Candle Holder Winter Holiday DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Dezi1016 aka Désirée


Your Christmas decoration will not be complete without a snowman. Here’s a fancy glass snowman candle holder winter holiday DIY decor by Dezi1016 aka Desiree on Youtube. This absolutely captures the winter wonderland magic. Plus, it lights up with the use of battery-operated candles, making it even more gorgeous. It’s actually super easy to make, and most items are from Dollar Tree. Learn how to make this adorable piece by reading the instructions or watching the video below. Happy crafting!



  • 2 Dollar Tree vases (4″ and 3 1/2″)
  • 4″ round mirror
  • glitter silver contact paper
  • red berry with greenery
  • silver glitter berries
  • red glitter ribbon
  • silver glitter
  • sparkling crystal glitter
  • flickering flameless candles (battery operated)
  • hot glue
  • clear glue
  • adhesive
  • silicone tipped tweezers
  • small thread cutter scissors
  • clear plastic cap


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Step 1:

Remove the labels from the vases, then clean the outside and inside. Pour clear glue on both vases and spread with a damp paintbrush from top to bottom.

Step 2:

Gently sprinkle the sparkling crystal glitter just a little at a time, then layer with silver glitter. Make sure that the coverage is thick. Attach the smaller vase to the bottom of the bigger vase with adhesive glue. Set aside and let it dry completely.

Glass Snowman Candle Holder Winter Holiday DIY Project
Image by Dezi1016 aka Désirée


Step 3:

Cove the plastic cap and the back of the mirror with contact paper. Glue the cap to the mirror on the contact paper side. Decorate the hat with ribbon, and berries. Use the small scissors to cut the greenery. After that, make a bow using the ribbon.

Glass Snowman Candle Holder Winter Holiday DIY Tutorial
Image by Dezi1016 aka Désirée


Step 4:

Cut a long piece of glitter red ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the snowman to make a scarf. You can decorate the scarf with Christmas pins.

Step 5:

Insert the candles on the top and bottom vase, then place the hat.


Glass Snowman Candle Holder Winter Holiday DIY

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