Fruit Quilt Placemat Tutorial

Fruit Quilt Placemat Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Liza Decor


Want to sew some new pieces for decoration in your dining space? Try these cute watermelons, lemon, or lime-like placemats. They are a great addition to your dining table as they are very lively and colorful! These will surely brighten up the room. You can easily create these with Liza Decor‘s fruit quilt placemat tutorial below. Watch the video for the full instructions.



  • green fabric
  • white fabric
  • red-pink fabric
  • batting
  • fabric lining


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Step 1:

Cut 2.25″ and 1.5″ wide strips from the green fabric, 1.25″ and 1.75″ wide strips from the white fabric, and 6″ wide strips from the red fabric.

Step 2:

Place the fabrics in these order from bottom to top:  1.5″ green fabric (bottom),  1.75″ white fabric, 6″ red fabric, 1.25″ white fabric, and 2.25″ green fabric (top). Then sew them together.

Step 3:

Cut a trapezoid shape (just like a triangular slice of watermelon with a flat top instead of a pointed one) from the bottom of the green fabric to the end of the pink fabric. Flip the fabric and use the slant cut to make the next one to maximize the whole fabric. Do this after every cut. Once done, you will have 10 pieces of watermelon slices. Next, sew them together.

Fruit Quilt Placemat Tutorial Sewing
Image by: Liza Decor

Step 4:

Place the watermelon on top of the batting fabric, then cut the same shape but make sure to add an allowance. Cut the same size with the lining. Once done, sew the cotton fabric, batting and lining together on the edges of each fabric.

Step 5:

Cut a semi-circle on the red fabric and sew on the center bottom of the watermelon fabric. Next, cut a rectangle piece on the red fabric and sew a bias binding on the bottom of the watermelon. Next, sew a 2″ wide strip from the green fabric and sew a bias binding on the curve of the watermelon.

Fruit Quilt Placemat Tutorial DIY
Image by: Liza Decor



Fruit Quilt Placemat Tutorial

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