Flower Pin Cushion Tutorial

Flower Pin Cushion Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: my sewing room


Looking for some cute, fun, and beginner-friendly quilting projects? How about these lovely flower pincushions by my sewing room? Throw your old pincushion away and replace them with this beautiful one. If you have fabric scraps sitting around your house, now is the time to put them to use and upcycle them. You will surely use this a lot as this is an essential sewing supply. Or you can gift it to friends who also love sewing!  Watch the tutorial below for the instructions. Have fun creating this sewing project!




  • 9 pieces of 2 in squares
  • one piece of 5-in square for the back
  • 2 pieces of 3-in strips (width of the fabric) for the petals
  • crushed walnut shells or any pillow stuffing


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Step 1:

Sew the patches together using the quarter-inch seam. Start sewing the first 3 rows, then put them all together. Once the 9 patch is complete, take your five-inch backing and place them together. Then get a pair of scissors and cut corners in a curve line.

Flower Pin Cushion Tutorial Materials
Image by: my sewing room


Step 2:

Get the two pieces of 3-in strips and put the right sides together. Using a ruler, measure eight 3 x 3 in squares from the two strips, then cut them. Now you have 8 sets. Then sew two sides with a quarter-inch seam. Next, cut a curve to the corner that you did not sew. Repeat for the remaining sets.

Step 3:

Next, turn the petals right side out. Cut a bit of the corner, then pull them out. Using a bamboo skewer, poke the corner. Once you are done with the petals, press them with an iron.

Step 4:

Get a needle and do a basting stitch along the curved edge. Tug it a little bit to gather together. Repeat for the remaining petals. Gather all your petals and put one on each side. Secure it by pinning them on the middle of the petals, not on the edges. Now add the petals to the corners. Then using the sewing machine, baste the 9 patches and petals together. Next, add the backing. Pin the right side and make sure the petals are not poking out. Leave an opening to one side at least 2 inches.

Flower Pin Cushion Tutorial Instructions
Image by: my sewing room


Step 5:

Put the right side out then you have a pin cushion. Now it’s time to stuff it. After you are done, take a needle and thread and close the opening.


Flower Pin Cushion Tutorial

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