I Was So Surprised When I Saw What She Makes These Flowers Out Of (Watch!)

I Was So Surprised When I Saw What She Makes These Flowers Out Of (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Now this is a really cool DIY project and these are lots of fun to make and decorate with! It would have never occurred to me to do this with paper napkins, of all things! She actually paints them first and then she cuts out the shapes.


These are so bright and cheery and the elaborate stitching she puts around each flower really makes them look so intricate and amazing! Then she tops them with a really cute button.

These are so cute on specialized cards, attach to jackets and purses, gift wrap, painted canvas for a mixed media look and so much more. I just love them! Who wouldn’t?

She starts by misting napkins with water. She also added water to the paint. Then she dabs paint (in the same color family on her color wheel) on different sections of the napkins and lets the napkins dry. Then she sews her different designs on the napkins and cuts around the stitching, either with pinking shears of scissors, giving the flowers different shapes. She then stacks the different flower shapes and sizes, layering the flower shapes to give them a realistic look. The last thing she does is attach a button in the middle to hold the layers (flower) together.

See for yourself how Barb Owens makes these darling flowers in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making them too!


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