12 Easy Ways To Spot Fake Jewelry

12 Easy Ways To Spot Fake Jewelry | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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You can easily find out the legitimacy of a piece of jewelry by comparing the information you can find online to the engraving on the metal. However, there are methods that you can do to easily spot a fake from the real one. Let BRIGHT SIDE on YouTube show you 12 clever tips and tricks that you can do to check your jewelry’s legitimacy.



  • Magnet
  • A surface with ceramic tiles or porcelain
  • Chalk
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Magnifying glass


Step 1

When you’re shopping or planning to buy jewelry, make sure to bring a piece of a magnet with you to check whether it is real or not because genuine jewelry with high content of precious metal won’t stick to a magnet.


Step 2

Real gold leaves golden traces on unburnt and unglazed ceramic tiles or porcelain, while the traces from counterfeits are usually gray or black. Another simple method is to use chalk when checking the legitimacy of silver, if it starts to darken when you rub it in chalk, it’s real. Another method that you can use to check whether your gold jewelry is fake is by doing the vinegar test. Fake or impure gold darkens in vinegar very quickly.

Tricks To Spot Fake Jewelry
Image credit: BRIGHT SIDE via YouTube

Step 3

Ammonia is a good way to check if the item you have is real platinum. When it interacts with most metals, ammonia causes the surface to blacken. A real diamond won’t fog up when you breathe hot air on it because it has a high thermal conductivity. A genuine emerald doesn’t have tubular or spiral patterns inside, so make sure to examine the gem under a magnifying glass. Watch the video tutorial below for more tips.

How To Spot Fake Jewelry
Image credit: BRIGHT SIDE via YouTube


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12 Easy Ways To Spot Fake Jewelry

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