Easy To Make Giant Watermelon Jell-O

Easy To Make Giant Watermelon Jell-O | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ via YouTube


For your next picnic or party, make sure to bring this fun and yummy ginat watermelon made out of Jell-O! Both adults and kids alike will surely love this summer treat, so expect a clean plate or container by the end of the day. Follow the following step-by-step instruction by MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ on YouTube and see if you can make this perfectly on the first try. Good luck and enjoy!



  • 5 boxes of red Jell-O
  • 3 cups of boiling water
  • ½ cup of cool water
  • 3 tsp of dried blueberries
  • 1 tsp of white Jell-O
  • 1½ tbsp of water
  • 6 tbsp of milk, heated to about 60°C
  • 2/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp of yellow jello
  • 2 tbsp of blue jello
  • 2½ tbsp of boiling water
  • 5 tbsp of sugar free yogurt


Step 1

Grese the mold with some vegetable oil, then set it aside. In a large mixing bowl, dissolve 5 boxes of red jello with 3 cups of boiling water, stir it around, then once dissolved, add half a cup of water, and give it a good stir. Place the bowl on top of another bowl with ice water, then stir it around until the mixture cools. Once it begins to thicken, remove it from the ice water, then add about 3 teaspoons of dried blueberries, and stir until well combined. Pour the mixture into the greased mold until the height reaches about 2 inches. Seal it tightly with plastic cling wrap, then place it in the refrigerator, and leave it to cool and set for about an hour and a half or until completely set. Mix together 1 teaspoon of white jello powder and 1½ tablespoons of water, then heat it in the microwave until dissolved, and add the heated milk, stir them together until completely dissolved.

How To Make A Giant Watermelon Jell-O
Image Credit: MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ via YouTube


Step 2

Add the sweetened condensed milk, then stir until incorporated, and let it cool. CArefully remove the plastic wrap on the red jello, then pour the milk mixture all over the top, and out it back in the fridge to cool for about 1 more hour. Put the yello and blue jello in a heat-resistant container, then pour about two and a half tabelspoons of boiling water, and stir them together until well combined and dissolved. Stir in the yogurt, then heat it for about 1 minutes, and stir. Add a few drops of food coloring, then let it cool. Pour this mixture on top of the cooled jello evenly, then put it back in the fridge, and let it cool for 1 more hour. After an hour, place the bowl on top of another bowl filled with hot water and use this method to unmold the jello. Flip the bowl of jello carefully onto a plate. Slice, serve, and enjoy!

Giant Watermelon Jell-O Recipe
Image Credit: MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ via YouTube


*All these images are credited to MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ via YouTube. Give her channel a visit and subscribe for more!

Easy To Make Giant Watermelon Jell-O

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