4 Easy & Effective Steps To Fall Asleep Fast

4 Easy & Effective Steps To Fall Asleep Fast | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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For some people, sleeping is such an easy thing to do, they can fall asleep quickly wherever and however they want. However, some people, especially those that are staying up all night to work find it difficult to sleep, no matter how much they tried, it just won’t happen which becomes pretty stressful over time. Luckily this video by TopThink on YouTube exists and is actually a great and effective method for changing one’s sleeping habit.



  • Turn off all electronics
  • Eat right
  • Stay out of bed
  • Don’t force it


Step 1: Turn off all electronics

Whether you’re looking at your phone computer or tv, your tec might be keeping you up as electronics emit blue light which keeps your body alert. A study claimed that turning off your devices for at least an hour before bed gives your brain the chance to unwind.


Step 2: Eat right

Eating certain foods before bed will stand in the way of your sleep. Food that contains sugar, caffeine, and cheese makes it harder to fall asleep as your brain has the same reaction to it as to the blue light. These food keep your brain feel alert, even food containing lots of water can create similar issues.

Effective Ways To Fall Asleep Fast
Image Credit: TopThink via YouTube

Step 3: Stay out of bed

You can also sleep faster by reserving your bed exclusively for sleep. Our brain naturally associates behaviors in places together and recognizes the tasks you did and where you usually did them. Your brain becomes confused about which signal to release whether you should be alert and productive or relaxed.

Step 4: Don’t force it

No matter how much you want or have to sleep, stress and sleep just can’t mix together. Whether it’s physical or mental stress, you feel stimulated and alert, it floods your body with hormones like cortisol which supply you with an unwanted boost of energy. You can read or exercise to occupy your brain, or you can assess and find out what’s keeping you up at night or what worries you. Concentrate and focus on not giving yourself much pressure that hinders your sleep.

How To Fall Asleep Fast
Image Credit: TopThink via YouTube


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4 Easy & Effective Steps To Fall Asleep Fast

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