How to Sew a Slice Rug Using 1 Jelly Roll

How to Sew a Slice Rug Using 1 Jelly Roll | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


This sewing project by Shabby Fabrics on YouTube will teach how to make a slice rug using only 1 jelly roll and it’s easier to make than you think. If you’re a beginner in sewing, then this is the perfect project to try your hand in because it doesn’t require a lot of sewing materials and the steps are super easy to understand and follow, you can probably finish this rug within a day or less!



  • 1 jelly roll or 31 pieces of fabric strips @ 2½-inch width
  • A 25-yard roll of 2½-inch wide cotton batting strips
  • Needle and coordinating cotton thread, 50wt
  • Marking pen
  • Scissors
  • Iron, for pressing
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern (Click here to download the pattern for free)


Step 1

Unroll the fabric strips, then plan which order you want the colors to be, then cut them to the length that the pattern requires, grab one strip, and lay a batting strip on top of the wrong side. Fold over both sides towards the center, then fold it in half, and clip it in place. Sew the strip down the center, then proceed to sew the rest of the strips, and then sew the strips together using a zigzag stitch.

Easy to Sew Slice Rug Using 1 Jelly Roll
Image credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


Step 2

Give them a good press every now and then, continue sewing each unit of strips together until you’ve completed the rug, then cut out the pattern, lay it on top of the pieced strips, clip it in place, and trace the shape. Remove the pattern, then cut off the excess fabric following the traced line, and then sew the bias tape around the whole rug.

Easy Slice Rug Sewing Tutorial
Image credit: Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


*Thanks to Shabby Fabrics via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this project idea, then you’ll surely love her other videos too, so give her channel a visit and subscribe!

How to Sew a Slice Rug Using 1 Jelly Roll

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