Easy Patterned Handbag

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Image by: Miarti - Reuse


Running out of ideas for your next sewing project? How about you make this easy patterned handbag by Miarti – Reuse? With this project you can reuse your fabric scraps, ribbons, and strap to create this lovely bag. It’s simple and beginner-friendly! You will sure have fun sewing this as it perfectly fits the summer season. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • paper
  • ruler
  • 2 different styles or patterns of cloth
  • lining cloth
  • interfacing fabric
  • ribbon
  • 2 straps
  • 4 buttons


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Step 1:

Fold the paper in half and measure 4.7 inches from the side. Then make a diagonal from that point to the lower corner. Next, curve the upper end of the diagonal until on the middle of the paper. Using a pair of scissors, cut the curve.

Step 2:

Lay your first fabric and put the pattern on top. Then trace and cut the pattern. Make 2 pieces for each of the two cloth. Then 4 for the lining and interfacing fabric.

Step 3:

Get the cut out cloth and place the interfacing on top. Iron them together. Do the same for the other pair of cloth. Now you have 2 pairs with interfacing fabric.

Step 4:

Lay the first cut with lining right side up, then place on top the second cut with lining right side down. Sew the left sides together.

Step 5:

Cut the seam allowance on the curve, so you can flatten the cloth neatly. Then place the other pair on top and sew the edges together. Once done, flip it over.

Easy Patterned Handbag Materials
Image by: Miarti – Reuse


Step 6:

Get the remaining 4 pieces of cloth, then turn them exactly the same with the first 2 cloth. Next, place them inside and sew the top edges with the outer cloth.

Easy Patterned Handbag Instructions
Image by: Miarti – Reuse


Step 7:

Flip it over with the lining on the outside. Align the same cloth and measure 1.2 inches from the sides. Continue with the remaining 3 sides. Then sew just a little bit on each of the mark, creating a hole. Flatten the holes and sew on the top edge. Do the same for remaining ones.

Step 8:

Get a piece of ribbon and sew on the top edges.

Step 9:

Attach the two straps as handles of the bag.

Step 10:

Decorate the handles with the buttons.


Easy Patterned Handbag

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