5 Life-Saving Gardening Hacks That You Must Know

5 Life-Saving Gardening Hacks That You Must Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Gardening is guaranteed a fun and fulfilling activity, but it wasn’t always easy, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to keep your plants and flowers healthy. So, here are 5 brilliant tips and hacks by Hometalk on YouTube to help you out and offer solutions to a few gardening mishaps that you might encounter.



  • Baby oil
  • A long tube
  • Bricks, rocks, mulch, etc.
  • Coffee filter
  • A large 2L plastic bottle
  • Used coffee grounds
  • Epsom salt
  • A bucket with a handle


#1: How to Clean Your Gardening Tools Easily

Your gardening tools can get rusty and filled with dirt, they can get hard to clean sometimes because there will be residues no matter how hard you clean. One easy method you can try is by using baby oil, you will notice that the dirt will be cleaned right off.

#2: How to Spread Fertilizer to Hard-to-Reach Plants

If you have lots of plants and they have already grown so much to the point that you can reach those that are positioned at the back, then it would be difficult to add some fertilizers to them. What you can do is find a long tube that can reach that part, then point it downward to the soil, and start sprinkling the fertilizer right inside the tube and into the plant root system.

Easy Life-Saver Gardening Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Hometalk via YouTube


#3: Flower Pot Filler Ideas

Filling a large flower pot can be expensive and use too much soil, try filling them with other items instead such as; bricks, rocks, plastic bottles, sticks, branches, mulch, leaves, recycled paper, magazines, pool noodles, straws, and more. After adding your fillers, place the potted flower on top, or cover the fillers with some soil and transplant your flower or plant.

#4: How to Use a Pot with Holes at the Bottom

If your pot has a hole/s at the bottom, then grab a coffee filter, and place it right at the bottom nicely. This will keep the soil in your pot and allow the water to pass through and drain out at the same time. Now, you can plant your plants or flowers as you normally would. When removing recently purchased plants from their container, give them a little squeeze and it will come right off easier.

How to Make Gardening Easy for Beginners
Image credit: Hometalk via YouTube

#5: DIY Seed Starter

Grab a large 2L plastic bottle, then cut off the base or bottom part, and place the upper part on top of the plant as shown in the video. This will act as a terrarium allowing your seeds to automatically be watered and grow. Another tip that you can use is to use used coffee grounds or some Epsom salt as fertilizer for your plants. It is also best to keep all your gardening tools in a bucket so that you can carry them easily anywhere.

5 Life-Saving Gardening Hacks That You Must Know

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5 Life-Saving Gardening Hacks That You Must Know

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