Easy 3-Tier Water Fountain Using an Old Tire

Easy 3-Tier Water Fountain Using an Old Tire | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Leira can do it! via YouTube


If you want a water fountain in your garden or yard but you find them too expensive, then why don’t you try making a DIY version instead? Learn how to make a 3-tiered water fountain using an old tire with this video tutorial by Leira can do it! on YouTube. The process of building this project is so fun and super worth it, you can also let your creativity take over and decorate your fountain however you like.



  • 3 old tires
  • Large plastic pots
  • Large tin cans
  • 60 pounds of cement
  • 60 pounds of sand
  • PVC pipe
  • Metal net
  • Flex glue adhesive
  • Spray paint
  • Flex Seal liquid sealant coating
  • Water pump
  • Decorative rocks
  • Wire staple nail
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Tire cutting tool


Step 1

Remove the bottom of 2 large plastic pots, then find 2 large tin cans that are the same size as the hole at the bottom of the pot, and remove each end completely. Cut the can through on one side, then tape it back together, and place it above the bottom of the pot taping them together. Place another pot on top, match the holes together, and tape them together, then repeat the process but this time use only one pot, and set them aside. Cut a piece of styrofoam that is slightly larger than the pot, then tape the pot pieces on top of each styrofoam base, and trace the shape of the pot. Remove the pot, then find the center of the traced shape, and push the pipe down that center before inserting the pot pieces back in.


Step 2

Mix together equal parts of cement, sand, and water, then fill the pot pieces until you’ve reached the top, and set them aside to dry completely. While waiting for them to dry, prepare the tires, and cut one rim out of 1 large and 1 medium tire before turning them inside out. Grab another piece of a tire with a larger rim, then create a petal template, and trace it all over the rim. Cut the shapes nicely, then cut the tire in half as shown in the video, and connect the ends together with screws. Cut the metal net the same size as the bottom of each tire, then attach them with staple nails, and snip off the center to insert the PVC pipe pieces. Make sure to place them on your work surface lined with plastic or a garbage bag, then start filling the tires halfway to the height of the pipe, and set them aside to dry.

Easy to Make DIY 3-Tier Water Fountain Using an Old Tire
Image credit: Leira can do it! via YouTube

Step 3

Once all of the fountain pieces are dried and completely solid, fill the sides of the small tire with flex glue to prevent leaking, then spread sealant all over the bottom inside of each tire. Now, carefully cut off the pot, tin can, styrofoam, and tape from your cement tower, then sand and smoothen them out, and spray paint them with whatever color you like including the tire pieces. Once the paint has dried and you’ve covered them with gloss, insert the water pump and assemble all of your fountain pieces together, then fill each tier with decorative rocks, and add more decorations that you want. Fill each tier with water, then open the water pump system, and you’re done!

How to Make DIY 3-Tier Water Fountain Using an Old Tire
Image credit: Leira can do it! via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to Leira can do it! via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to her channel for more!

Easy DIY 3-Tier Water Fountain Using an Old Tire

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