Easy DIY Velvet Pumpkins Tutorial

Easy DIY Velvet Pumpkins Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Christopher Hiedeman via Youtube


These cute little velvet pumpkins from Christopher Hiedeman on Youtube are the perfect fall decorations for your home. It’s also the perfect gift idea for your loved ones this fall season. Moreover, they may look complex, but these pumpkins are super quick and easy to do! Make these today by watching the video tutorial below.



  • velvet fabrics
  • something to trace a circle (a dinner plate or what’s available to you)
  • pen or marker (for tracing)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • rice
  • some pumpkin tops
  • hot glue


Step 1

Lay your velvet fabric, right side facing down, then trace a circle on top with a dinner plate. Next, cut out the circle shape with your scissors. Now, thread your needle and stitch around the other edge of your circle fabric. Once you get a little section, just pull the threading through and continue around until you’ve gone around the entire edge of the circle. Make sure that the threading comes out right next to the first stitch that you did. After this, put your circle fabric on a plate and then fill it with some rice. Pull the strings slightly to keep the rice in the pumpkin while you fill it. (The amount of rice depends on what size your pumpkin is.)

Tracing out the circle shape for the velvet pumpkin
Image credits: Christopher Hiedeman via Youtube

Step 2

Next, pull out the threads to tighten up the pumpkin, then tie the threads. Stitch straight across the opening, then pull it together, then go towards the other side and stitch across there. Continue this process until the hole is closed. You now have the bottom of your pumpkin. Next, to attach the pumpkin top, take some hot glue and put it on the bottom of the pumpkin handle, then carefully press it down the pumpkin. (Hold it a little bit just to make sure that it’s attached properly.)

Filling out the pumpkin with rice and closing it out
Image credits: Christopher Hiedeman via Youtube

Easy DIY Velvet Pumpkins Tutorial

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