Easy DIY Tassel Earrings

Easy DIY Tassel Earrings | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Merry Craft


Are you looking for new items to sell in your online shop? How about these cute and easy tassel earrings? This beautiful jewelry idea is from Merry Craft on Youtube. Who would’ve thought that making tassel earrings is a piece of cake? With this simple technique, you can now make your own at home! Create as many variations as you can with different beads and threads. Then sell them on online selling platforms like Etsy or eBay – a great way to have passive income. If you want to try this project, then go ahead and read the full instructions.



  • embroidery thread
  • gold beads
  • jump ring and earring hook
  • pliers


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Step 1:

Cut a small thread from a whole thread but do not remove the label. Then tie it around one end, leaving a half-inch allowance for the hole. Make sure to do it tightly, then remove the excess thread. Now, cut it to your desired length of the tassel earrings using your pair of scissors.

Easy DIY Tassel Earrings Materials
Image by: Merry Craft


Step 2:

Insert a thread into a needle. Then make a loop into the hole and lock the end. Next, get one bead and thread it. Then insert the needle inside the hole and wind the thread once. Continue the same process until you reach the other end. Then secure it by making a knot. Once done, cut the thread as close as possible.

Easy DIY Tassel Earrings Steps
Image by: Merry Craft


Step 3:

Using a hair comb, brush the tassel and align each thread properly. Then cut it to make a straight end. Next, get the jump ring and earring hook. Open the jump ring using a plier, hook your tassel, and earring hook. Close it using two pliers to make it easier. Do the whole process for the other pair, and you are done. You now have your tassel earrings.

DIY Tassel Earrings


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