Easy DIY Clay Saucer Fountain Tutorial

Easy DIY Clay Saucer Fountain Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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You might have not known or heard it before, but you can actually transform your old clay saucers and flower pots into a DIY water fountain to adorn your garden. Using inexpensive materials and some basic tools, you can create this fun project within a few minutes. Learn how to do it now through this easy-to-follow video tutorial by DIY Stories on YouTube.



  • Water Pump
  • Power drill
  • Silicon paste
  • 18-inch clay saucer
  • 14-inch clay saucer
  • 10-inch clay saucer
  • 2 pieces of 6-inch flower pots
  • Flexible water hose pipe
  • Fountain tip
  • Electrical tape
  • Cutter


Step 1

Before anything else, make sure to soak the clay saucers in water for a little while. This will make drilling holes in them faster. Once the clay saucers and pots are ready to use, start drilling holes in flower pots and clay saucers except for the largest clay saucer or the 18 inches one, the hole should be large enough for a hosepipe to fit in. Assemble and insert the flexible hose pipe into the water pump, then secure them with a strip of electrical tape, and place the water pump properly in the center of the 18 inches clay saucer.

How To Make A DIY Fountain
Image Credit: DIY Stories via YouTube


Step 2

Grab 1 flower pot and place it upside down, then pull the hose and insert it through the pot’s hole. Next, place the 14 inches clay saucer right side up, then insert the hose through its hole as well. Insert the other flower pot upside down, pull the hose through the hole, then place the last piece of clay saucer right side up, and pull the hose through the hole for the last time. Cut off the excess hose pipe, then insert the fountain tube, and secure it with electrical tape. Spread some silicone paste around the base of the fountain tube, and let it dry completely before adding water. Once dry, fill every saucer with enough amount of water, then turn on the water pump, and adjust the water level if needed.

DIY Fountain Using Flower Pots Tutorial
Image Credit: DIY Stories via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to DIY Stories via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to his channel for more!

Easy DIY Clay Saucer Fountain Tutorial

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