Hanging & Folding Hacks That’ll Save Space In Your Closet

Hanging & Folding Hacks That’ll Save Space In Your Closet | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Knowing how to properly hang or fold your clothes can make a huge difference in your closet, not only does it save space so you can stack more clothes, but it also helps make your closet look neater and more organized. Plus, it will be easier for you to find the clothes that you need and take them out of the closet without making much of a mess. Here’s Clean My Space‘s video tutorial on YouTube to show you how it is properly done.



  • Ordinary hangers
  • Clip hangers
  • Pant hanger with clamps


How to properly hang jeans

Jeans are heavy and they usually stack and slide on only one side of the hanger which makes it look floppy. There are different ways of hanging your jeans so that they look neater and more stable. First, fold the waist in half forward, then insert the hook of the hanger through the belt loops, pull the bottom of the jeans backward, and loop it over the wire of the hanger tucking it nicely on itself. Another method you can try is by folding the jeans in half by the belt loops, then inserting the hanger about a third all the way up the jeans, pulling the hanger together with the jeans toward the waist, and hooking the hanger through the belt loop.

How to hang jeans and skirts using clip or clamp hangers

Using clip hangers to hang your pants or skirts can leave obvious indentations on the material. To avoid this, get a piece of card, then fold it over in half, place it over the waist or right where you’ll clip it, and proceed to clip it on the hanger. The card will protect the material of your pants or skirts. On the other hand, if you want to use clamp hangers, then make sure to hang your pants through the cuffs and not by the waist, or fold the pants in half, and camp it that way.

How To Organize Your Closet To Save Space
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube

How to fold pants

For pants, fold them about halfway up, then fold the legs once more in half, and then fold one pant leg over to the side. Another method you can try is by folding the pants lengthwise, then folding the crotch point inside to straighten the sides of the pants, and folding the legs about halfway up. Then, roll and fold the pants about 3 times, and place your jeans standing up, this way you can file your pants neatly.

How to fold sweatshirts

For sweatshirts, the first method you can try is by laying the sweatshirt flat, then tucking the head on top of the shirt, and fold as you normally would. If you want to hide the hood completely, then this second method is for you. Tuck the hood inside the sweatshirt to create a crewneck and fold it as you normally would. Here’s the last method that you can try, first, keep the hood all out at the top, then fold the sleeves in, and start folding and rolling. Once you get to the top of the sweatshirt, tuck it in the hood, and use it as a pocket.

Closet Space Saving Organization Hacks
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube


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Hanging & Folding Hacks That’ll Save Space In Your Closet

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