Easy Christmas Centerpiece Placemat

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Placemat | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Estadistica Datos del Mundo


Decorate your dining table this holiday season with this easy Christmas centerpiece placemat by Estadistica Datos del Mundo on Youtube. This is an easy and quick project you can make on a weekend. You can also make it in small sizes to use as individual placemats for every family member. Read on or watch the video below for full instructions.




  • big paper
  • pen
  • ruler
  • Christmas fabric
  • plain fabric for binding
  • thermoadhesive interlining
  • 33.5-inch by 37.4-inch cotton fabric


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Step 1:

Get a piece of big paper. If you don’t have one, just glue 4 pieces of paper together. Mark the center of your paper. From the center, measure 7.9 inches vertically on both sides. Next, measure 4.7 inches horizontally on both sides starting in the center. Once done, connect all the ends of the lines to make a diamond shape. Cut this shape and use this as a pattern.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Placemat Tutorial
Image by Estadistica Datos del Mundo


Step 2:

Cut 6 diamond shapes on your Christmas fabric using the pattern.

Step 3:

Cut the plain fabric into 1.6-inches wide strips for the bias.

Step 4:

Get one of the diamonds, and place a bias on one of the diagonal sides, right sides together. Make sure to leave an allowance at the beginning. Sew it on the edge with a 0.4-inch seam allowance. Open the seam and iron. Next, place another strip on the other side. Be sure to overlap them, and sew them again with a 0.4-inch seam allowance. Cut the excess fabrics. Do the same for the remaining sides and the 5 more diamonds.

Step 5:

Take 2 of the diamonds, place them right sides together and pin them. Sew them in one diagonal side with a 0.4-inch seam allowance. Do the same for the remaining diamonds until you reach the first one.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Placemat Project
Image by Estadistica Datos del Mundo


Step 6:

Place the placemat on top of the thermoadhesive interlining and iron. Cut the placemat.

Step 7:

Place the placemat on top of the cotton fabric, right sides together. Secure them with pins. Mark a 7.9-inch opening on one side. Sew on all sides with a 0.4-inch seam allowance except the opening. Once done, cut the excess fabric and trim the corners. Flip it right side out, then iron. Fold the opening 0.4-inch inside, then sew. Lastly, top stitch as close to the edge.


Easy Christmas Centerpiece Placemat

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