Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Basket DIY

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Basket DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by louflores_ via TikTok


Planning on giving your loved one a special gift this Valentine’s Day? Making it by hand is more meaningful than just buying it. So here’s a Dollar Tree Valentine’s Basket DIY that you can easily make at home to make them feel loved on this special day. It is very easy to make and I am sure they will be surprised when they learn that you made all of it with just Dollar Tree items.


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It looks beautiful, right? Would you believe me when I say that it is made of a laundry basket, two brooms, and a hula hoop? Yes, you can find all of them in Dollar Tree. I absolutely love this project as you can still reuse the products after. Such a wonderful idea by louflores_ on TikTok. It is definitely creative and practical. If you are planning to add a card, check out: 50 Thoughtful Handmade Valentine’s Cards.

Valentine’s Basket Dollar Tree DIY

  • heart-shaped 12″ latex balloons
  • 2 plastic broom
  • 22″ air-filled love saying foil balloon
  • basket
  • crepe streamer
  • zip ties
  • hula hoop

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How to Make Valentine’s Basket With Dollar Tree Items

Step 1:

Start by covering the basket with the crepe paper. Just alternately insert the crepe into the wholes of each layer until you fully cover it. You can use two colors for some fun patterns.

Valentine's Basket Dollar Tree DIY
Image by louflores_ via TikTok

Step 2:

Remove the sticks from the two brooms and place them on the inside of the basket on opposite sides. Secure them in place using zip ties.

Step 3:

Attach the hula hoop to the sticks using tape just like in the photo below.

How to Make Valentine's Basket With Dollar Tree Items
Image by louflores_ via TikTok

Step 4:

Fill all the balloons with air. Glue the heart balloons around the hula hoop, then glue the love balloon on top.

Step 5:

Fill the basket with your gifts.

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Basket

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